Cornerstone Market
212 Gault ave N
Fort Payne Al 35967
A Natural Health Solution 
The CornerStone Market....
We got what you need. 
Come check out the Market at....

105 1st Street West
Fort Payne Al 35967

Open 10am to 6pm 
Tuesday through 
256-279-8406 call or text
Buy Organic Therapeutic Grade 
Essential Oils by the ounce. 
1.We will refill your bottle. 
2. Better than DoTerra.                    
(DoTerra is a pyramid scheme. Each bottle you buy many people get paid.) Buy for less at the same quality. I buy direct from the company and then sell to you... no middle man.
Our essential oils come from a Green Life company who cares about pure first quality unadulterated organic essential oils.
Cornerstone Market 
105 1st Street West
Fort Payne Al 35967
WE have a nice selection of CBD balms, drops and gummies. 
Come see us and we will help you with what we have that might can help you. Our company is 3rd in the nation and is helping the fda with rules making cbd gummies.